Modified COTS Brochure

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March 26, 2022

Modified COTS Brochure

Modern embedded computing applications demand that the latest advanced and size, weight and power (SWaP)-optimized processor, networking and I/O technologies be delivered within ever shorter development schedules at minimal NRE cost. This creates challenges for system integrators who need to build a modern technical solution quickly, while staying on budget.

Building your solution with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware saves you time, money, and reduces your risk - but if your program has unique requirements not built into the original COTS hardware, or needs a specifically tailored solution, how will that affect your bottom line? Developing your own solution is a hassle, and will cost integrators precious time they don’t have. When you need to architect the perfect solution, Curtiss-Wright’s Modified COTS (MCOTS) program will help address all your customer’s development requirements – ranging from the design and manufacture of custom boards, board support software packages and drivers and providing rapid subsystem pre-integration capabilities - that will give you a competitive edge.

How Can MCOTS Help You?

Modifying our COTS solutions at the board or system level to suit your unique requirements will help you:

  • Save money - save 40 to 60% or more on project costs by leveraging our IP investment and COTS development infrastructure.
  • Reduce risk – keep your program going for the long haul with our longevity of supply and technical support services.
  • Accelerate your time to market - start your application development right away using COTS products, and save 4 to 8 months of overall development time.

Download the brochure to learn more.

Leveraging a Modular Open Systems Approach for Modified COTS

This white paper describes how a modular open systems approach (MOSA) can be combined with modified COTS (MCOTS) solutions to meet unique system and program requirements and minimize NRE costs. By leveraging MOSA standards and MCOTS variants, systems integrators can reduce program risk and accelerate deployment of rugged embedded mission systems.

Creating the Perfect Module for Any Requirement

Curtiss-Wright recently engaged with a customer that required custom backplane requirements for a new mission computer based on 3U VPX hardware. Their goal with this new system was to further reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) in their next-gen mission computers, as well as be able to bid into Foreign Military Sales (FMS). Read the case study to learn more about the challenge, solution and results.