Networked from Ground to Air - ITC 2018 Demo

Networked from Ground to Air - ITC 2018 Demo video

This video gives an overview of the “Networked from Ground to Air” demo that was shown at ITC 2018.

It features Curtiss-Wright’s industry-leading airborne data acquisition system (DAS) supporting emerging new standards with Chapter 7 and iNET components, a high-speed Ethernet-based architecture that enables line-of-sight communications to enable flight test engineers to reconfigure test articles during the mission. For example, the data recorder, camera sources, parameters, and image downlink bit-rates can be modified remotely. The demo showcases Curtiss-Wright’s latest hardware, including high-speed DAUs, switches, recorders, rugged IP cameras, and multi-mode transceivers.

Video Transcript


Axon: Powerful, Compact and Flexible DAU

  • 500 Mbps throughput performance-proven
  • Remote mountable modules with 10 m link distance
  • iNET, Chap 10 UDP and DARV3 support

Protecting Investments

  • The system can integrate DAUs from different families to reuse a massive catalog of modules


Curtiss-Wright Ethernet Switches

  • Proven experience with Ethernet systems designed for flight test
  • Time gateways (IEEE-1588, IRIG, GPS) and Grandmasters
  • Support for chapter 7 and 10
  • Simple to use with a shallow learning curve

Also Available Now: NSW-16GT-1

  • 4 x 10 Gb, 12 x 1 Gb ports
  • Data from 1 Gb ports can be aggregated onto the 10 Gb ports to send to 10 Gb recorder



  • Multiple GbE Ports
  • Can record any Ethernet traffic including DARv3, Chapter 10, iNET-X, IENA, PCAP, etc.
  • Simple to use – our configuration is highly automated with our software. Very shallow learning curve

Accepting orders now: nREC-7000

  • Can handle 10 Gb at line rate – sustained recording
  • Next-generation 10 Gb data recorder
  • 2 slots for media (initial capacity of 6 TB per media)
  • Can record any Ethernet traffic including DARv3, Chapter 10, iNET-X, IENA, PCAP, etc.


Trusted High Speed and HD Flight Test Camera Provider

  • Proven in the harshest conditions (is this TS, replace with ADV)
  • Complete infrastructure supports dozens of synchronized cameras
  • Optimized for space-constrained platforms

Network IP Cameras

  • 1920 x 1080 (60 fps)
  • H.264 or H.265 Encoding
  • Video is Captured Directly onto the Network
  • Logical Routing using Existing Switch Architecture


Network Gateway

  • Converts data for transmission from Ethernet to PCM
  • Supports DARv3, iNET TmNS, IRIG-106 Chapter 4/7
  • Mode switching changes data streams to optimize downlink efficiency

Multiband Transmitter

  • L, S & C-Band in one unit, ultra-high efficiency, LDPC and Space-Time Coding


Bi-directional Ethernet link, TmNS compatible

  • Extends the aircraft Ethernet network to the ground
  • Data from the network to be received on the ground directly as Ethernet packets without having to convert to PCM first
  • Supports reconfiguring of the triband transmitter while in flight via SNMP messages

Control and reconfigure hardware e.g.

  • Change frequency of transmitters
  • Switch video streams
  • Configuring your network traffic remotely