The Challenges of Cost Effective Video Management System Integration

The Challenges of Cost Effective Video Management System Integration

The proliferation of video sources on-board today’s fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and tactical ground vehicles is driving video system upgrades as well as new architecture and subsystem development. Due to both budgetary and size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints, demand for cost-effective, SWaP-optimized video management and rugged display solutions is on the rise.

Choosing the right video system components that will keep system cost and weight down – while also reducing program risk and time to market – is often challenging. Also taking into consideration the high probability of experiencing interoperability issues with legacy sensors or third party systems as well as the rugged environment the components will be required to reliable operate in, adds to this challenge.

Substituting commercial, lab, or office-based products that are designed for different uses and environments, in order to reduce the initial cost and time outlay, can result in reliability and system footprint issues. While the obstacles can be daunting, choosing the right solution can reduce risk, time to market, and program cost. This white paper aims to outline those challenges and propose a modern approach.

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  • Video system upgrades and component interoperability
  • Ruggedization and SWaP optimization
  • Mission displays
  • Video recording and switching