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Military Embedded Systems

Broadwell chip boosts GPU performance for COTS SBCs

Aaron Frank discusses the benefits of Intel's new Broadwell processor to embedded defense applications.

Electronic Design

What’s Next After VPX?

Steve Edwards discusses the past and present of standards such as VPX's ability to handle the demands of high-performance embedded computing applications.

New Electronics

The SBC Challenge

The growing deployment of single board computers in military systems brings with it a number of engineering challenges.

Military Embedded Systems

JLTV: The VICTORY Vanguard

We discuss the C4ISR/EW [Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare] Interoperability (VICTORY) initiative and its application on JLTV.

Military Embedded Systems

Reduced SWaP, COTS in Space, and Budget Constraints in the Rad-Hard World

John McHale with Military Embedded Systems discusses radiation testing and qualification requirements for defense and space agencies are getting tougher and embracing TOR standards.

Military Embedded Systems

Dual-Node SBCs: A Hardware-Based Approach to Red/Black Architecture

As the need for data security increases, the need to support both encrypted data and less sensitive data within the same system is also on the rise.

Vita Technologies

Product Teardown: Maximizing Functionality Through Dual-Node Processing

Jerry Gipper of VITA Technologies describes the broad range of challenges from security to scheduling aerospace and defense applications must support.

Military Embedded Systems

For COTS, Small is the Next Big Thing

The aerospace and defense embedded COTS market has started to see whole new classes of small and ultra-small line-replaceable unit (LRU) offerings.