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Creating the Data Fabric for Tactical Edge with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking

Creating the Data Fabric for Tactical Edge with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking

A software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can establish a data fabric capable of dealing with any tactical edge scenario where reliable WAN is needed.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Energy Storage for Military Applications Faces Demands for More Power

Mobile electronics for the battlefield go hand-in-hand with batteries, and have done so for years. It’s not news that electronics that can’t be plugged-in relies on the energy-storage medium of batteries.

Military Technology

Strength in Numbers

CESMO and the Power of EW Interoperability - knowing the precise location of threats and friendly forces is essential to increasing warfighter survivability.

Military Embedded Systems

Secure Wireless Communication Supports Mounted and Dismounted Connectivity

Secure wireless communications (SWC) technology for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-end user device (V2E) communication is useful for tactical environments as it improves network flexibility and operational maneuverability while reducing management complexity and cost.

Milsat Magazine

Secure Wireless Solutions for Tactical, Expeditionary, + Deployable Communications

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) tactical/expeditionary networking and command post programs have widely acknowledged the critical need to improve mobility.

aerospace & defense Review

Protecting and Analyzing Data from Unmanned Platforms at the Edge of the Battlefield

A key driver for the use of unmanned platforms is their ability to collect data without putting warfighters in harm's way.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Rugged Computing Takes on the Battlefield Networking Challenge

Connectivity, networking, SWaP, and thermal management are among the highest priorities of rugged computing designers to support mobile warfighters at the edge.

Shephard Media

In Touch Anywhere

US services are keen to provide SATCOM to frontline units and enable communication on the move worldwide. Shephard speaks to industry experts to identify the capabilities and limitations of this emerging technology.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Data Storage: It’s All Coming Up NVMe

Non-Volatile Memory Express is fast, small, and lightweight, yet it still has something to prove when it comes to ruggedization, thermal performance, and power consumption.

Milsat Magazine

Enabling the Tactical Edge in Degraded Environments

To optimize overall situational understanding (SU) in the battlefield, the US Army, Air Force, Navy and SOF are seeking new programs. These programs will adopt a variety of compute and bandwidth-intensive technologies, such as cloud-based networks.


Processing Pattern of Life Data at the Tactical Edge

Whether centralized or at the edge, one of the biggest military needs extant today is the imperative for a common operating picture (COP) with support for Pattern of Life (POL) analysis across all relevant data sets, to enable powerful capabilities such as anomaly detection, entity tracking, real-time alerting, predictive classification and historical analysis.

ARMADA International

Navy’s NAVPLAN Integration in a Contested Sea

As rivalry returns at sea, navies are seeking dominance at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. In this context, using networked datalinks to enable, integrate, and enhance communications is a strategic, operational, and tactical priority for navies.