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Airplane in Storm

One Crash Recorder to Rule Them All

Crash recorders or crash survivable flight data recorders help accident investigators discover the cause of an incident, but they can do much more.


Modified COTS for Mission Computers

In this blog we discuss the leveraging of COTS technology based on programmatic requirements through the use of Modified COTS.


Time for a Space "Perry Memo"

Back in 1994, a famous memo was issued by William Perry, at the time the U.S. Secretary of Defense, directing the department of defense to use COTS products where possible.

Mission Displays

Mission Displays in Demanding Environments

Discussion on civil and military applications where the mission displays is a core component of the mission success.

Mission computers are used on the battlefield

The Importance of Expansion and Scalability of Mission Computers

Jacob Sealander discusses how the modular design of Curtiss-Wright's rugged mission computers enables rapid expansion and scalability for integrating additional processing capabilities and payload-specific I/O interfaces.

Fighter Jet

Application Specific Recorder Systems for Defense & Aerospace

Paul Davis and Matt Young discuss today's sensor-rich applications in defense and aerospace applications that have unique requirements and how to apply those needs to COTS solutions for a application-specific data recording system.

Data at Rest Encryption

Data at Rest Encryption Protects Sensitive Mission Data

Paul Davis discusses the protections of sensitive and classified data using data-at-rest encryption techniques.

Flight Test Instrumentation

Metadata for Flight Test Instrumentation Hardware

Flight test instrumentation users have to setup equipment from multiple vendors, a single metadata standard would make life much easier and yield more compatible systems.

Flight Test Instrumentation Ethernet Switches in aircraft

Advantages of Flight Test Instrumentation Ethernet Switches

In the world of aircraft testing, reliable data is of paramount importance. Read about six Benefits of dedicated flight test instrumentation Ethernet Switches.

Direct and Network Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage vs. Network Attached Data Storage

We compare direct attached and network attached storage devices as used in defense and aerospace applications.