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video Management system

Integrating Video Sources

Paul Garnett looks at video management solutions to integrate new cameras with existing helicopter camera and displays.

sigint, fpga, electronic warfare

Why Real Ruggedization Matters for COTS FPGA Hardware in Aerospace and Defense Applications

FPGAs are a key component for digital signal processing at the front-end of Radar, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

Software Defined Radio, UAV

Minimize your Risk with Scalable Software Defined Radio (SDR) Systems in Your Unmanned Vehicle

Deploy Software Defined Radio (SDR) Systems for unmanned vehicles quickly with Curtiss-Wright’s pre-qualified Rugged Mission Computers

analog to digital converter

The Evolution of Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Technology

Analog to digital converter and digital to analog converter technology has been marked by performance improvements including speed, resolution, bandwidth, channel density, and lower power.

debugging software

Debugging nightmares: Common software debugging mistakes keeping you up at night?

Software bug nightmares - how many of these sleepless debugging software sessions could be avoided or resolved more easily?

comint telescope

Dissecting All-to-All Architecture: the ultimate COMINT/ELINT signal analysis methodology

COMINT/ELINT - explore how technological advances in multi-channel signal analysis provide new levels of radio frequency emitter tracking.

radar military

How to Integrate Multiple Board Level Products With Ease

Light system integration helped save a large radar developer budget and reduced development time.


Making Ethernet Work for Real-Time Systems

Newer approaches to deterministic Ethernet such as Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTE) provide increased speeds and more flexibility.