Curtiss-Wright HUNTR Tactical Data Link Translator and CESMO Solutions Contribute to Success of Air Defender 23 Exercise

Curtiss-Wright HUNTR Tactical Data Link Translator and CESMO Solutions Contribute to Success of Air Defender 23 Exercise

ASHBURN, Va. – August 17, 2023 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division announced that its TCG-HUNTR (TDL Hub and Network Translator) intelligent TDL translation gateway, which supports Link 16, Link 11, Link 22, VMF, JREAP-C, Cursor-on-Target, and Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) operations, was successfully used operationally during Air Defender 23 (AD23), the largest deployment exercise of air forces in NATO's history. The multi-national exercise that demonstrated transatlantic solidarity and interoperability was held from June 12-23 in Germany. During AD23, approximately 10,000 exercise participants from 26 nations with 250 aircraft conducted air operations training in European airspace under the command of the German Air Force. In support of AD23, the U.S. Air Force deployed over 100 aircraft, and 42 states deployed  with more than 2,600 members participating from the Air National Guard. 

Over the two weeks of the AD23 exercise, the 26 participant nations performed 1800 sorties, conducting one of the largest air exercises in Europe since the end of the Cold War. At Schleswig Air Base, home to the German Air Force’s Tactical Air Force Wing 51 (Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51) and one of the main bases for fighter aircraft participating in AD23, two Curtiss-Wright HUNTR systems were operated simultaneously to provide multi-link routing, data link translations, and situational awareness to the operators. The TDL gateway is able to support cross-platform communications using multiple TDLs across land, sea, and air. During the exercise, one HUNTR system was used to support blue forces and the other provided aerial situational awareness for the red forces. The HUNTR systems, in combination with a direct CESMO feed and the Recognized Air Picture (RAP) delivered via the JREAP-C protocol, provided operators with the best available aerial view. The HUNTR systems were also used to send data to IABG's MiDAS Mission Display and Analysis System, a powerful debriefing tool that played an important role for mission success during AD23. Distinguished visitors at Air Base Schleswig during the exercise included German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, U.S. Senator John Boozmann (Arkansas) as well as other high-ranking guests.

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