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Netboot & Network attached storage

Remote Network Boot Reduces Cost and Risk

Paul Davis looks at the use of Network Attached Storage and Network Booting in deployed systems.

Boing OFT-2 Mission for CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft

Curtiss-Wright Congratulates NASA and Boeing on Successful Boeing OFT-2 Mission to the International Space Station

Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 mission for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft supported by Curtiss-Wright data acquisition technology

Edge Computing

Edge Computing, Encryption, and DAR

Paul Davis takes a look at Edge Computing and approved encryption methods for Data at Rest on Network Attached Storage.

Military Embedded Systems

Securing Telemetry Data with Commercial Encryption Standards Article from Military Embedded Systems

Telemetry data from military flight tests often needs to be secured, not only when at rest, but also while in motion across a network or a telemetry link.

CSfC Network attached storage

Can Top-Secret Data Be Transported Unclassified?

The CSfC program leverages commercial encryption technologies and products to provide much-needed cybersecurity solutions quickly.

Military Embedded Systems

Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) – Taking EW Systems to the Next Level

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture Technical Standard (SOSA) – which will bring many benefits to designers of radar systems – will also have a beneficial effect on the design of electronic warfare (EW) systems.

Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Ease of Integration of Data-in-Motion and Data-at-Rest Modular Open Systems Approach Solutions with PacStar® IQ-Core® Software

Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Ease of Integration of Data-in-Motion and Data-at-Rest MOSA Solutions with PacStar IQ-Core Software

Prototype system demonstrates single control/management interface concept for Curtiss-Wright MOSA-based DTS1 network attached storage (NAS) device and PacStar tactical battlefield network and processing systems.

Data at Rest UAV

Meeting the Challenge of Managing Both Data-in-Motion and Data-at-Rest Devices

From mission computers to sensor management computers, these subsystems must share data via Ethernet networks. We look at data-in-motion, data-in-transit and data-at-rest solutions.