Parvus DuraCOR 311

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This product has an End of Life Notice.

For new design programs, please consider the Parvus DuraCOR 313 Intel Atom x6400E Mission Computer.

The Parvus DuraCOR 311 is an ultra-small form factor (USFF) rugged embedded computer/controller based on a low-power, quad-core Intel Atom E3845 (Bay Trail-I) processor equipped with a rugged Flash disk and PCIe-Mini Card I/O expansion slots. Featuring a fanless IP67 design with MIL-performance connectors and extended temperature operation (-40 to +71ºC), this miniature multi-core rugged Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) processor is an ideal x86 mission computing solution for size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) sensitive vehicle, airborne, industrial, manned and unmanned vehicle and sensor applications. Optimized for high performance energy efficient processing, the unit boasts a quad-core 64-bit Intel Architecture (IA) CPU with integrated Intel HD Graphics and a full complement of standard vetronics I/O interfaces (including USB, Ethernet, Serial, DIO, Video, Audio).

The ultra-reliable and modular design of the DuraCOR 311 features high mechanical robustness and I/O flexibility to meet the needs of industrial, military and aerospace platforms. The unit features an industrial-grade Intel-based Computer-on-Module (COM) tightly integrated with a nonvolatile Flash Solid State Disk (SSD) and system carrier board, which provides up to three slots for optional add-on Mini-PCIe I/O modules (to add CANbus, 1553, ARINC429, other databus interfaces). In addition to internal mSATA and microSD card slots, the system offers an optional removable 2.5” SATA SSD storage option for high capacity storage, data logging, and information assurance requirements. Like other DuraCOR models, the 311 leverages both an ecosystem of rugged COTS Mini-PCIe modules and Curtiss-Wright’s responsive, cost-competitive application engineering services to deliver Modified COTS (MCOTS) variants quickly and without a traditional NRE fee.

The unique combination of small size, low-power multi-core processing, and flexible I/O of the DuraCOR 311 delivers new capabilities for on-board vetronics, avionics, C4ISR, and autonomous vehicle control applications. This compact system supports a wide operating temperature range without fans or active cooling requirements. It thrives in extreme shock and vibration conditions, high altitude, and humidity, making it well suited for mobile, tactical, aerospace, ground vehicle, and mining applications. Reliably designed for use on-board aircraft and vehicle platforms, the unit underwent comprehensive qualification testing to MIL-STD-810G, MILSTD-461F, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-704F and RTCA/DO-160G test conditions for environmental, power and EMI (thermal, shock, vibration, dust, water, humidity, altitude, power spikes/surges, conducted/radiated emissions and susceptibility), and is designed to meet intrinsically safety requirements for explosive atmosphere in hazardous locations.

Housed in a rugged sealed (dust and water proof) aluminium chassis MIL-performance circular connectors, the DuraCOR 311 integrates advanced EMI filtering and power conditioning to protect against input vehicle/aircraft voltage surges, spikes and transients designed for intrinsic safety and featuring. In addition, optional 50ms power hold-up capabilities aresupported for MIL-STD-704F aircraft power switch-over requirements.

Key Features

  • Miniature SWaP-optimized quad-core Intel Atom processor system: 
    • Size: ~39 in³ volume (approx) 
    • Weight: < 1.5 lb (< 0.68 kgs) 
    • Power: <15W (estimated) 
  • Rugged IP67 chassis with micro-mini MIL-performance circular connectors 
  • Modular I/O architecture: up to three slots for PCIe Mini-Cards (for add-on I/O) 
  • Rugged Flash storage (mSATA / microSD card / removable 2.5” SATA SSD) 
  • Wide voltage input MIL-1275/704/DO-160 power supply for aircraft and ground vehicles; optional 50ms power hold-up 
  • Extreme MIL-STD-810G/DO-160 thermal,shock, vibration, altitude, humidity; also MIL-STD-461F/DO-160G EMI/EMC 


  • Rugged embedded PC computing,sensor integration, autonomous vehicle control 
  • Low-power, multi-core vetronics controller/ processor based on Intel architecture 
  • Underground mining, offshore drilling, industrial heavy-duty vehicles, railway 
  • SWaP-constrained fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, unmanned drones, ground vehicles 
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Parvus DuraCOR 311

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