PacStar Sleds

PacStar Sleds
PacStar Sleds
PacStar Sleds

Sleds for tactical communications

PacStar® sleds are designed to work in conjunction with PacStar 400-Series communications modules serving the tactical communications needs of small teams that deploy worldwide and have secure communication requirements in austere environments. These sleds enable teams from the U.S. DoD and  Homeland Security, as well as first responders and civilian organizations, to easily and securely connect multiple devices to mission-critical communications networks.

PacStar 411 & 412 HAIPE Sleds
The PacStar 411 and PacStar 412 integrate select ViaSat® devices into PacStar 400-Series solutions. These combinations create complete network packages with HAIPE encryption for top-secret network access while taking advantage of PacStar 400-Series' modularity.
PacStar 413 HSM Sled
The PacStar 413 adapts Engage Black BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM) devices to integrate into PacStar 400-Series solutions. The combination creates a rugged small form factor HSM that provides FIPS-140-2 Level 3+ certified crypto key generation, storage, and signing support for use with certificate authorities.
PacStar 414 Radio Sleds
With the PacStar 400-Series modules and packaging, the PacStar 414 completes radio interoperability and network packages that include RoIP, radio interoperability, cross-banding, talk groups, PTT, and IP voice, leveraging PacStar 400-Series' modularity.
PacStar 415 Cradlepoint Sled
The PacStar 415 adapts select Cradlepoint routers into the PacStar 400-Series for power and system integration. The combination brings the multi-access capabilities of these routers into a fully integrated networking solution with the modularity of the PacStar 400-Series.
PacStar 417 HAIPE Sled
PacStar 417 adapts Viasat® high-speed KG-250X-FC and IPS- 250X-FC HAIPE Inline Network Encryptor (INE) devices to integrate into PacStar 400-Series compact case solutions.