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The Curtiss-Wright cockpit panel quick access recorder (CPQAR) is designed using open storage technologies and the latest electronic concepts to provide a highly reliable recorder that is simple to install and operate. 

Confidence and efficiency of flight data analysis depends highly on access and reliability of in-flight recorded data. The CPQAR solves the practical problems of retrieving data for true operational value. It has been designed to simplify installation and location onboard the aircraft. 

The CPQAR can optionally be attached directly to the airframe in any orientation to eliminate the need for an additional mounting tray. A single MIL-C-38999 Series II rear connector is incorporated instead of the bulky ARINC 600 series interface. Using an open data storage device eliminates the need for a specialized and expensive download unit. Reading recorded flight data parameters utilizes a standard card reader on a computer running standard Windows operating systems. 

Key Features

  • Low mass: < 1.7 lb (0.75 kg) 
  • Low power: 4W maximum 
  • Up to 8 G removable solid-state memory 
  • Simple installation 
  • ARINC 573/717/429 flight data recorder compatible 
  • Time stamp recording



  • Quick access recording 
  • Flight data monitoring 
  • Flight operational quality assurance 
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