Flight Qualified Data Recorder and Playback System

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The proliferation of sensors in today’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications has increased the need for recording and playing back multiple channels of high-speed sensor data. Often times these ISR platforms are airborne which presents certain environmental requirements that must be met for the system to be flight-ready. Curtiss-Wright has designed, configured and delivered a flight-qualified, multi-channel data recording and playback system. The Curtiss-Wright Data Recorder & Playback system is a high-speed digital data record device intended to be used in an aircraft test environment. The system has passed all environmental testing and flight safety requirements. The multi-channel, flight-qualified data recording and playback system is an example of Curtiss-Wright’s data recorder system expertise.

The flight qualified data recorder and playback system uses reliable, low-risk, and high-performance off-the-shelf products adapted to meet specific program requirements. The Curtiss-Wright solution is based on an extensive foundation of hardware and software Intellectual Property (IP), gathered over many years through a wide variety of recorder and storage standard products and custom applications. The architecture takes advantage of the field-proven M6211 VME Single Board Computers coupled with high data rate sFPDP capture cards. By utilizing the COTS data recorder products as building blocks, Curtiss-Wright can provide a low-risk solution.

The multi-channel, flight-qualified data recording and playback system supports the capture of radar (SFPDP and SCRAMNet), Digital Azimuth, 1553 and Control data. The system is a multi-single board computer-based platform containing native software for internal control operations. This flight-qualified system provides the ability to record multiple channels (22 channels) of high-speed data, up to 320MB/s per recording blade.

Key Features

  • Based on existing, proven designs – Low risk, high TRL
  • Demonstrated recorder performance – High-performance solution
  • COTS-based solution – from rugged data storage & recording system experts
  • Cost effective – reduced NRE through modification of current products


  • Signal Intelligence
  • Image Processing
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Flight Qualified Data Recorder and Playback System

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