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Graphics and video
Video Management

Award-winning, SWaP-optimized solutions that simplify video distribution & management

Reaping the benefits of the advancements in sensor and camera technology requires a video system that delivers interoperability, reliability, and SWaP optimization. At the heart of a modern video management system (VMS) is video distribution technology that acts as the central hub for the proliferating number of video sources on-board today's mobile vehicles. Our rugged line of small form factor video management solutions includes both analog and digital switches as well as the smallest and lightest format converter in its class, available on the market today. When used in conjunction with mission displays and video recording solutions, the RVG range creates a complete VMS for rugged applications where space is at a premium.

Product Image Product Name Function Inputs Outputs Data Sheet
RVG-MS1 Multi-Sensor Rugged Video Gateway Distribution Analog, 3G-SDI 3G-SDI, Analog, H.264
RVG-FC1 Video Format Converter Distribution Composite, RGB, SDI Composite, RGB, SDI
RVG-SA1 Analog Video Switch Distribution RGBHV RGBHV
RVG-SD1 Digital Video Switch Distribution 3G-SDI, HD-SDI 3G-SDI, HD-SDI
RVG-VM1 Video Multiplexer Distribution HD/3G-SDI HD/3G-SDI
Video Management Systems (VMS) Compression, Displays, Distribution, Recorders, Video Composite, DVI, HD-SDI, PAL/NTSC, RGB/VGA Composite, DVI, HD-SDI, PAL/NTSC, RGB/VGA
VRDV7000 Dual Channel HD Video Recorder Recorders 3G-SDI, Composite, RGBHV, RGsB, S-Video 3G-SDI
Video Management System Ancillary Products Distribution Composite, RGB/VGA, Y/C RGB/VGA

End-to-end video solutions to increase situational awareness

Video and image processing solutions, from sensor to screen, have become the best way to get vital visual information to warfighters in a fast and effective manner. Our broad range of rugged modules, mission computers, and video solutions address the key technical challenges these critical end-to-end video and computing systems face.