SVDU-M PCAP Mission Display Data Sheet

Curtiss-Wright has decades of industry-leading experience developing reliable, rugged, mission displays for extreme environments and applications. To complement the Advance Video Display Unit (AVDU), Single Video Display Unit with resistive touchscreen (SVDU), Rear View Display Unit (RVDU), and Ground Video Display Unit (GVDU) ranges, the SVDU-M (Single Video Display Unit with Multi-touch) range of rugged mission displays offer a unique combination of new technology that includes optically bonded glass, dual-mode NVIS-compatible (night vision imaging system) compatible LED backlighting, and new multi-touch projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen operation that maintains reliability and responsiveness even when the operator is wearing gloves or the screen is wet. Supporting a single DVI input and a USB touchscreen, the SVDU-M range is the ideal companion to a mission computer.