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The PacStar SWCP CUI provides voice, video, and data in protocols compatible with Wi-Fi or VPN encryption and eliminates the need for external or Type-1 cryptographic equipment. The SWCP CUI is based on a PacStar Integrated Solution that is accredited and fielded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Tactical Network program office for NIPRnet wireless access. It includes a comprehensive suite of common criteria and FIPS evaluated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) security technology that meets DoD wireless requirements and can support simultaneous Wi-Fi and VPN connectivity.

In Wi-Fi mode, the SWCP CUI conforms to DoDI 8420.01 WLAN requirements for secure CUI network access over Wi-Fi. In VPN mode, the system conforms to DoDI 1035.01 and Remote Access VPN and Policy STIGS for transport of CUI over non-government networks – including, but not limited to, any untrusted transport such as LTE and SATCOM. Both Wi-Fi and VPN modes are available without additional equipment.

In addition to CUI networks, the PacStar's 400-Series baseband hardware and software is customizable and configurable for use in Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solutions.

PacStar's SWCP CUI is configurable to optimally serve a wide range of team sizes and can be customized with additional software and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) solutions to ensure interoperability with existing customer infrastructure.

  • A complete, standalone system including all CUI cybersecurity components (PKI, HSM, Authentication Server, Firewall, WIDS, IDS, etc.) necessary to meet DoD requirements and guidelines
  • Includes technologies listed on the Common Criteria, FIPS, and DODIN evaluated or approved lists, easing certification and accreditation processes
  • This expandable/modular system may be customized to meet expanding mission requirements with added networks or alternative component technologies


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