Overview of IQ-Core Software

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As a host of emerging battlefield connectivity solutions come online across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), warfighters risk being overcome by complex management systems required to control multiple communications devices and networks.

Whether operating satellite, line-of-sight, or cellular or mesh communications networks, warfighters can be faced with a variety of complicated user interfaces, each of which require extensive training which can lead to errors in configuration, extended set up times, and prolonged periods of downtime.

Such operational concerns come at a time when armed forces are being called upon to conduct missions in highly contested environments where peer adversaries routinely operate mature electronic warfare systems aimed at disrupting and denying communications across the battlespace.

PacStar Communications Solution

Providing the means for warfighters to maintain the tactical advantage over highly-capable peer adversaries across the contemporary operating environment is Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions’ IQ-Core® Software which is designed to overcome the emerging problem of tactical network complexity.

This intuitive communications management solution reduces configuration errors, simplifies troubleshooting, provides cyber situational awareness, facilitates remote and distributed management, and saves warfighters precious time, particularly crucial when operating at the tactical edge.

As Charlie Kawasaki, Chief Technical Officer at Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar business unit, explains: “IQ-Core Software is designed to revolutionize network communications as armed forces continue to aggressively modernize their communications networks to achieve and maintain tactical through strategic overmatch. As part of this effort, tactical networking programs face intense pressure to deploy cutting edge and best-of-breed technologies.”

“Today’s tactical networks are organized in hierarchies or tiers, with large command posts or facilities at the top, and remote teams at the bottom,” Kawasaki added.

IQ-Core Software is ideally positioned to support any expeditionary force seeking to secure and maintain remote connectivity at the tactical edge, particularly for command posts, small unit teams operating at extended range, as well as platforms operating on land, in the air, and at sea, including autonomous systems.

PacStar’s family of IQ-Core Software comprises several editions including Network Communications Manager (NCM)Remote Operations and Management (ROAM), and Crypto Manager (CM), all of which enable the automation of tasks across multiple third-party networking and communications technologies.

IQ-Core Software’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), or “single pane of glass,” enables the warfighter to effectively manage multiple suites of advanced networking technologies. The GUI simplifies and accelerates communications set-up and operation and allows operators to customize interfaces - using roles-based access control - which in turn reduces training time and costs.

Network configuration errors are reduced, improving system uptime, performance, and cyber security compliance. Software also simplifies troubleshooting, reducing network downtime, with a suite of integrated tools that can be utilized by entry-level and advanced network administrators.

IQ-Core Software also automates complex, time consuming, and error-prone tasks through “wizard” features that guide the operator through various common user interfaces of an integrated network.

Cyber situational awareness is enhanced through extensive and real-time status checks, alerts, and auditing in the core and at the edge of the networks in question.

Finally, remote and distributed management can be optimized through IQ-Core Software’s ability to monitor, change device configurations, and troubleshoot problems from anywhere in the world.

IQ-Core Software is also a key enabler of PacStar Integrated Solutions, which bring together third-party technology from leading enterprise technology partners.

Once IQ-Core Software has been integrated with PacStar 400-Series hardware and third party C4ISR (Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance reconnaissance) technologies, warfighters are able to rapidly access game-changing communications solutions, providing critical capability to small units operating at the tactical edge.

PacStar Integrated Solutions include the PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post (SWCP), PacStar Modular Data Center (MDC), and PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC), each of which provide scalable computing and storage resources including tactical cloud in rugged, small form factors, providing interoperable Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice management services in single packages.


Kawasaki concludes: “IQ-Core Software streamlines innovation by interoperating with a broad range of the most popular tactical communications hardware and systems - streamlining upgrades and adoption of new commercial-off-the-shelf technologies at the edge.

“IQ-Core Software reduces acquisition risk because it is already widely deployed, proven in the field, and certified for use by the U.S. DoD and partner forces around the world. We think you’ll quickly discover why we say IQ-Core Software enables soldiers to fight the battle and not the network.”