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 Link 16, Link 11 Navy Aircraft Carrier

7 Ways Navies Can Optimize Tactical Data Link System Integration

Integrate fully interoperable tactical data link systems efficiently and cost-effectively on manned and unmanned naval platforms with tactical data link solutions built on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

F-17 Modular Open System Approach

How Modularity Can Shorten System Development and Decrease Costs

Learn how modular systems can help meet cost, schedule, quality, and technical requirements, while reducing risk and eliminating traditional NRE fees.

military video management system

Infographic: The Evolution of Ground Vehicle Video Systems

Video management systems on board ground vehicle platforms have evolved to provide an enhanced level of tactical situational awareness to operators and commanders.


CESMO: A Common Denominator for Tactical Data Link Systems

CESMO is the digital protocol NATO developed to support Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Operations (EMO).

flight data recorder

Build or Buy: The Strains of Designing a Flight Recorder

Designing a flight recorder (FR) that complies to international standards and crash survivability is very challenging and more expensive than buying one.

post flight analysis,

Post-Test Flight Data Analysis Made Easy

With more than 100 years of experience, our post-test analysis solution helps flight test engineers meet requirements in a simplified and flexible manner.


Is the CSfC Program Growing?

The Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program established by the National Security Agency in 2014 has been growing since its inception

flight recorder airplane

Types of Flight Recorders and How to Choose the Right One

Commercial airlines often use two types of flight recorders – a flight data recorder (FDR) and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) – for different functionality.

DO-326A Military aircraft

RTCA DO-326A: Airworthiness Security Process Specification

DO-326A, titled “Airworthiness Security Process Specification,” provides guidance for handling the threat of intentional, malicious interference with aircraft systems.

FPGA processor

Latency and Determinism, and Which Is More Important for Your Application?

Read about latency, determinism, and other factors to consider when building an application.

Data-at-rest encryption

Planning to Export Data-at-Rest Storage with Encryption?

If you are developing a deployed vehicle, then you’re likely considering including a device to securely store classified, or at least sensitive, data.


Comparing Encryption Standards and Associated Countries

This blog looks at the most influential and well-known encryption standards for securing data-at-rest (DAR) and what it takes to protect classified information.