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NVIDIA GTC 2021: Key Takeaways

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference is the industry’s front-running artificial intelligence (AI) conference for innovators, technologists, and creatives.

tilting train

Why High-Precision Train Tilting Is Good for Business

Download the infographic to learn the five ways the right train tilting system improves business.

NASA Space

A Piece of the Wright Flyer Flies on Mars

NASA has announced the first flight of an aircraft on another planet, and a piece of the Wright brothers' history gets to ride along.

Military vehicle video system

7 Ways Single-Vendor Video Systems Reduce Risks and Costs

Choosing a single vendor for a complete video management system massively reduces program risks and costs.

tactical data links, navy ship

TDL Interoperability and Unified Naval Communications

As navies move towards greater interoperability, challenges arise in ensuring support for an increasing number of tactical data link standards in use.

 Link 16, Link 11 Navy Aircraft Carrier

7 Ways Navies Can Optimize Tactical Data Link System Integration

Integrate fully interoperable tactical data link systems efficiently and cost-effectively on manned and unmanned naval platforms with tactical data link solutions built on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

F-17 Modular Open System Approach

How Modularity Can Shorten System Development and Decrease Costs

Learn how modular systems can help meet cost, schedule, quality, and technical requirements, while reducing risk and eliminating traditional NRE fees.

military video management system

Infographic: The Evolution of Ground Vehicle Video Systems

Video management systems on board ground vehicle platforms have evolved to provide an enhanced level of tactical situational awareness to operators and commanders.