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Data-at-rest security

White Paper Series: Data-At-Rest Encryption

The Data-At-Rest Encryption Series white papers provide background information, technical details, and a methodology for selecting a data-at-rest (DAR) security approach.

Networking Copper or Fiber

Is Fiber Optic Networking Technology More Secure Than Copper?

Fiber optic cabling is commonly perceived as a solid choice for mitigating network security concerns. We look at Fiber Optic vs Copper.

flash memory

The Effects of Extended Temperatures on Flash Endurance and Data Retention

The electrical charge stored in a flash memory cell degrades over time, and will degrade much faster at extended temperatures.

Trusted Computing Aerospace

White Paper Series: Trusted Computing for Aerospace and Defense

We examine the technologies and trends protecting today’s critical systems from cybersecurity and physical threats.

System Integration COTS Defense

Selecting the Right System Integration Partner

When system integrators partner with the right solution vendor, they gain access to the capabilities, skills, and knowledge that comes from decades of experience.

Flash memory NOR and NAND

NAND vs NOR Flash: Types of Flash Memory

There are two primary types of non-volatile flash memory devices in use today: NOR and NAND flash. We look at the differences between NAND and NOR flash devices.

ssd flash drive

Flash SSD & the Evolution of Storage and Backups

Aaron Frank reflects on the evolution of storage and backups, and ponders the long-term reliability of SSDs for data storage.

Tactical data link

Infographic: Why Developing Link 16 Solutions Requires TCG BOSS

Download the tactical data links infographic to learn the 5 ways TCG BOSS® can help in the development of Link 16 solutions.


Coronavirus Statement

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (CWDS) is taking proactive steps to address business concerns and maintain a safe workplace to protect the health of employees, customers, visitors and others.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a total game-changer - it makes us change how we think

An interview with Tammy Carter as she explores how artificial intelligence is a total game-changer.

Tactical data links system

Curtiss-Wright’s New Award-Winning Hub and Network Translator at AUSA 2019

Brian Blass, program manager US Army & Special Forces at Curtiss-Wright, details the new TCG HUNTR hub, network translator at AUSA 2019.

rugged ethernet ground military tank

Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Two Low-SWaP Rugged Ethernet Solutions at AUSA 2019

We look at two low size, weight, power (SWAP) rugged ethernet solutions that are very popular for government programs that need a low size-weight-power solution.