TTC MSCW-606D Wideband Acquisition Module

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The MSCW-606D-1 is a 6-channel signal conditioning module for use in the TTC MEDAU, MCDAU, MWDAU, and MnACQ-2000 products. The module is intended for a variety of applications and thus provides significant signal conditioning flexibility. The MSCW-606D-1 is compatible with ICP type accelerometers as well as numerous bridge and potentiometer input sensor configurations.

It provides AC and DC input coupling, constant current and constant voltage excitation, programmable presample filtering, calibration, auto-balance, and user-programmable gain and offset. Numerous configurations of FIR or IIR digital presample filtering may be software selected with a wide range of cutoff frequencies. In addition, RMS output data is computed by the onboard DSP based on a given channels channel sample rate and user-selectable integration time.


  • Channel sample rates available at up to 100 ksps
  • Simultaneous sampling capability, with thinning option
  • Programmable digital FIR or IIR presample filtering
    • Automatic adaptive filter -3dB frequency based on format sample rate or direct selection of filter -3dB frequency on a per-channel basis
    • 7-pole analog anti-aliasing filter eliminates the possibility of signal aliasing
  • RMS data output on a per-channel basis
    Programmable gain and offset >10,000 settings from 1 to 2000
  • Automatic parasitic offset correction on power-up and ZCAL (CAL1). Programmable voltage excitation.


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Factory automation and process control
  • Research measurements and experiments
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TTC MSCW-606D Wideband Acquisition Module

Download Data Sheet