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The KAM/TCG/103 accepts time from three sources: a digital IRIG-B stream (RS-422 or TTL), its own onboard GPS receiver, or from ARINC-429 time labels (octal labels 260 and 150). It can be synchronized to the digital IRIG-B stream or GPS receiver. However, it does not synchronize its clock with ARINC-429 as there is too much clock jitter. The received time is written to an internal timer and to a real-time clock that maintains time during power-off (when an external battery is connected). The time can be used for the synchronization of a distributed Acra KAM-500 data acquisition system. The module generates digital IRIG-B outputs to allow external devices to synchronize with the Acra KAM-500 system.

The module contains an IRIG-B, GPS NMEA and ARINC-429 decoder that decodes incoming signals. The GPS decoder also makes navigation data such as position, altitude, velocity, and heading available as individual parameters.


  • Synchronizes to digital IRIG-B or GPS
  • Loads time from specific ARINC-429 labels
  • 1 μs time resolution
  • Less than three parts per million drift when acting as a generator
  • Time is maintained from an external battery during power-off
  • GPS navigation information is available
  • Secondary time source input


  • System synchronization
  • Parameter time tagging
  • Global positioning
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