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The BIM-553A-8 is a dual-redundant MIL-STD-1553 bus monitor module for use in Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU/CDAU-2000 series products. The module supports either direct or transformer coupling under user program control. High time, low time, and micro timestamping are provided on a per-message basis. All incoming 1553 messages are temporarily buffered on the module and can be selected by the user for transmission in the PCM output format as “Class I PCM” (standard fixed-position), and as “Class II PCM”, and for transmission through a CMP-112 module as high-speed composite data (per IRIG 106, Chapter 8). Note that the BIM-553A-8’s IRIG “Chapter 4” capabilities can be used independently from the module’s IRIG “Chapter 8” capabilities.

For example, a BIM-553A-8 module can be used to support Chapter 4 data only for selected data and embedded Chapter 8 within Chapter 4. However, for the module to support a dedicated IRIG 106-96, Chapter 8 data stream, the module must be used with a CMP-112 module and must have a module ID set for any valid value ranging from “0” through “7”. The card also provides a fully programmable PCM tracksplit output in accordance with IRIG 106, Chapter 8 requirements.

Key Features

  • MIL-STD-1553 bus monitor card
    • One dual-redundant input channel
    • Supports 1553 A/B and MACAIR
    • Direct or transformer coupling
  • IRIG 106-96, Chapter 8 (100% data)
    • From the card (1 track)
    • Uses CMP-112 card in the unit
    • Messages are FIFO buffered
  • IRIG 106-96, Chapter 4 (selected data)
    • Selected data from pre-programmed message trigger list
    • Selected data from local bulk message storage
    • All incoming data (FIFO Based) per IRIG 106 Chapter 8 within Chapter 4
  • Optional PCM track split output
    • Class II per IRIG 106-96, Chapter 8
    • User-selectable output rate
  • Timestamp on a per-message basis
    • High, low and micro time
  • Multiple cards in a single unit
  • Configurable to operate with analog conditioning cards in the same unit
  • Microsoft Windows application software included


  • • MIL-STD-1553 instrumentation
  • • Avionics bus monitoring
  • • Lab test
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