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The VPX3-719 rugged 3U OpenVPX™, high-performance graphics processing card is based on the AMD Radeon™ E8860 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with video capture and support for HD-SDI video interface.

The AMD E8860 is an embedded discrete GPU that meets the long lifecycle availability required for military programs. It features six independent and simultaneous graphics outputs, 2 GB of dedicated video memory, and a video compression encoder and decoder.

The VPX3-719 GPU card incorporates a Curtiss-Wright Personality Module mezzanine for video capture and format conversions, which provides two channels of video capture from analog and HD-SDI video sources, and transfers this video data directly to processor or GPU memory. On the output side, it converts two DVI video streams from the GPU into HD-SDI or analog outputs. This combination of functionality provides for extremely low latency capture, graphics generation and overlay, and display output conversion.

Key Features

  • AMD Radeon E8860 GPU
    • 2 GB dedicated video memory
    • H.264 codec for accelerated video encode and decode
  • Up to six independent display outputs
    • 4 x DVI directly from the GPU
  • Customizable video inputs and outputs
    • Dual independent video output channels (2 x HD-SDI, 1 x analog)
    • Dual independent video input/ capture channels (2 x HD-SDI, 2 x analog)
  • RTOS driver support for Power Architecture®, Intel® and Arm® processors
  • OS support for Linux®, Wind River® VxWorks®, GHS® INTEGRITY®, LynxOS® and Microsoft® Windows®


  • Subsystems requiring highly reliable graphics generation and display
  • Applications such as moving maps, SVS/DVE, or GIS
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