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The KAM/MEM/113 is a memory card interface which supports logging to CompactFlash removable memory cards.

The KAM/MEM/113 is designed to be used with a wide range of CompactFlash cards. The KAM/MEM/113 can store data in a CompactFlash card from any combination of data sources in an Acra KAM-500 system. Data storage can be triggered by a combination of discrete bits and analog signal levels.

Recorded data is written directly to files. The recorded files are formatted according to the PCAP file format so that they are viewable with network analysis tools such as Wireshark. Recorded data can be read directly from the CompactFlash card on a PC with any off-the-shelf card reader.

The KAM/MEM/113 is designed for applications where stand-alone logging of data is required, that is, without the need for a separate data recorder. Status and Report registers are available for transmission via an output module, to monitor errors, logging conditions, and capacity remaining. This can be useful as a pre-test checkout capability.

For asynchronous bus data, the KAM/MEM/113 supports aperiodic transmission for efficient bandwidth use, whereby a packet is not generated if no fresh data has been acquired from a packetizer user module.

The KAM/MEM/113 has a knurled head captive screw for fastening/unfastening the data acquisition unit lid by hand or with tools.


  • Supports removable solid-state memory cards
  • Removable CompactFlash® media (supports Type I & II)
  • Uses FAT32 file system
  • Stores Ethernet frames in industry-standard Packet CAPture (PCAP) files, viewable using Wireshark® or another third party application
  • Always Log or log when triggered
  • Logs data at up to 2 Msps
  • Records IENA and/or iNET-X packets


  • Stand-alone data logging
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