VPX3-530 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA ADC/DAC

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VPX3-530 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA ADC/DAC
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The VPX3-530 is a rugged dual-channel 4GSPS ADC/DAC card with a user-programmable AMD Virtex-7 FPGA in a 3U VPX ADC/DAC form factor. 

Key Features

  • Dual 4 Gsps 12-bit or Quad 2 Gsps 12-bit analog inputs/li>
  • Dual 5.6 Gsps 14-bit DAC update rate (maximum 2.8 Gsps data rate)
  • Multi-board, multi-channel synchronization
  • AMD user-programmable Virtex-7 VX690T FPGA
  • Up to 8 Gbytes DDR3L SDRAM (64-bit data paths)
  • 3U OpenVPX compliant
  • Onboard power and temperature measurement
  • VxWorks and Linux host support
  • Air- and Conduction-cooled variants



  • Radar
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
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VPX3-530 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA ADC/DAC

The VPX3-530 combines multiple channel high-speed ADCs and DACs with a user-programmable AMD Virtex-7 FPGA in a range of rugged build formats for demanding applications such as SIGINT, radar and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Up to four analog inputs are supported by the VPX3-530. These analog inputs can be configured as dual 4 Gsps/12-bit using native interleaving of the ADC devices or four 2 Gsps/12-bit channels. Each analog input is AC coupled via baluns for maximum ADC performance.

Complementing the analog inputs are two 5.6 Gsps 14-bit DACs. Each DAC has a maximum data rate of 2.8 Gsps. Outputs above 2.8 Gsps are achieved through data interpolation modes.

Sample rates above 2 Gsps use interleaved ADC modes. For optimal ADC input performance, the VPX3-530 is available in options for up to 2 Gsps ADC or 2 to 4 Gsps configurations. See the product sheet for performance characteristics for the analog input and outputs.

All analog I/O connectivity is provided through the front panel via rugged SSMC connectors.


Meeting the demands of SIGINT and EW with the VPX3-530

With increasingly advanced threats in signals intelligence and electronic warfare, systems need to be reliable and SWaP-optimized. Stay ahead of the game with Curtiss-Wright and the VPX3-530 ADC/DAC Module.