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The AXN/MEM/401 is an Ethernet recording module that stores data on a removable Solid Sate Drive (SSD) in PCAP file format. The SSD is housed in a rugged enclosure that attaches to the modules top block. Data is retrieved in two ways: by accessing over the AXN/BCU/402/B (or later) Ethernet interface via a file sharing service; or by removing the storage media and docking with a computer where it appears as removable media. No additional software is required for data retrieval.

The AXN/MEM/401 can record data from two sources: either parameters from within the same Axon chassis, which are packaged by the AXN/BCU/402/B (or later) as Ethernet packets; or from external Ethernet packets received by the AXN/BCU/402/B (or later) and forwarded to the AXN/MEM/401.

Recording can be set to start from power on or triggered by a combination of discrete bits and analog signal levels.

The AXN/MEM/401 is designed for applications where stand-alone logging of data is required, that is, without the need for a separate data recorder. Status and Report registers are available for transmission via an output module to monitor errors, logging conditions, and capacity remaining.


  • All data recorded as Ethernet packets
  • Supports PCAP file format
  • Records data from both within DAU and external Ethernet data
  • Data can be extracted over Ethernet
  • Removable Solid Sate Drive
  • Storage capacity greater than 256 GB


  • Stand-alone data logging
  • Ethernet data logging
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