Wind River and Curtiss-Wright

Wind River and Curtiss-Wright partnership
Wind River and Curtiss-Wright

For two decades, Curtiss-Wright has worked closely with Wind River to assure our COTS boards and embedded computing subsystems take full advantage of the capabilities provided by VxWorks, VxWorks 653, and Linux operating systems. With Wind River and Curtiss-Wright, customers can take advantage of the processing power of Arm, Intel, NXP Power Architecture and FPGAs in industry-standard VPX, OpenVPX, VME, PMC, XMC, and custom form factors to get their program started quickly.


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Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration Showing a Complete FACE™ Solution

Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration Showing a Complete FACE™ Solution

Wind River, Ansys, CoreAVI, Curtiss-Wright and RTI have collaborated to create a solution stack that enables a digital cockpit flight display with touchscreen capabilities for a FACE solution. FACE is an open standard that is required by defense systems to provide a standard for interface interoperability.

Curtiss-Wright and Wind River Provide Customers With:

  • Optimized VxWorks or Helix™ Virtualization Platform support is standard or available for a broad selection of Curtiss-Wright boards and embedded computing subsystems.
  • Rugged and non-rugged solutions ready for laboratory to deployment applications in the aerospace and defense markets.
  • For DO-254/DO-178 safety certifiable avionics applications, Curtiss-Wright’s Safety Certifiable COTS Graphics, I/O and Single Board Computer Modules provide the reduced cost and development risk benefits of COTS electronics to designers of safety-certifiable systems. Combining Curtiss-Wright Safety Certifiable hardware with Wind River VxWorks 653's robust time-and-space safety partitioning and virtualization enables system integrators to qualify their mission-critical avionics systems with lower risk, lower development costs and faster build cycles.
  • Secure hardware and software solutions with enhanced cybersecurity. Wind River’s Titanium Security Suite has been integrated, tested, and validated on Curtiss-Wright hardware to minimize development, deployment, and program risk.

Download the Curtiss-Wright and Wind River Trusted Foundations for Mission Critical Applications Brochure

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