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The Need for Speed: Using Photogrammetric Analysis with High-Speed Cameras in Flight Testing Applications

April 09, 2018 | BY: Russell Moore

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Flight test engineers encounter situations where they need to use photogrammetric analysis to determine how objects, surfaces and mechanical systems perform. This typically requires capturing images at high speed from multiple angles, often in harsh environmental conditions. Post-test, it is important that the images can be correlated so the data is suitable for photogrammetric analysis.

The cameras used in store separation FTI applications must be very environmentally rugged and perform optimally and accurately in harsh environments. Any potential failure must be mitigated because of the high cost of keeping a test platform in the air.

Read this white paper to learn more about high-speed cameras and how they can provide users with the ability to conduct in-depth, quantitative analysis of their high-speed images.

Figure 1: High-speed cameras are often connected into larger networks to capture events from multiple angles

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Russell Moore

Author’s Biography

Russell Moore

Product Line Manager - Recorders, Switches and Cameras, Aerospace Instrumentation, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions.

Russell Moore is the Director, Advanced Imaging and Video Products at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Aerospace Instruments Division. Russ has worked in many industries in his 34-year career in electronics, software engineering, business development and product management. Graduating from Rutgers University with a BS in Physics and graduate classes in Electronics Engineering, Russ started his career at DuPont Corp. in Chemicals/Manufacturing Controls and Materials Research then to Xerox Corp. (DXI Corp.) and TA Instruments in Product Design in first 11 years. Next, Russ worked for Sarnoff Corp., Sensar Corp. and Iridian Technology pioneering iris biometrics products followed by Securimetrics (Iris/Face/Fingerprint Biometrics) as CTO and the last 12 years with Curtiss-Wright (formally Teletronics). He currently manages camera and high-speed network switch and recorders product portfolios.

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