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Rightsizing Processor Performance for Today’s DSP Applications

For rugged DSP (digital signal processing) processor cards, it is important to have a balance between processor performance, memory bandwidth, I/O bandwidth, and ruggedization.

Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Ruggedization, Space Constraints an Ongoing Challenge for Military Data-at-rest

Trying to strike a balance between power and security with data-at-rest in the field – and doing it all within a highly constrained space in an environment with dirt and moisture that threatens to damage expensive equipment – is a tall order indeed.


Wireless Communications at the Tactical Edge

Warfighters on the battlefield have relied on wireless communications for more than 80 years, dating back to the first Motorola ‘manpack’ radio used by the Army Signal Corps in the 1940s.


Sensing Trouble: How CMS are Lifting the Fog of War

New technologies such as virtualisation, sensor improvements and data fusion are enhancing the effect of CMS on modern fleets, allowing greater range and faster transfer of critical information.

Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Bringing Security to Legacy Systems for Modern Missions

Upgraded systems require security to be built-in to protect sensitive mission information and maintain warfighter technology advantage.


Creating the Data Fabric for Tactical Edge with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking

A software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can establish a data fabric capable of dealing with any tactical edge scenario where reliable WAN is needed.

Aerospace & Defense Review

Lowering the Cost of Upgrading C5ISR Systems with the Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) for Army Vehicles

SAVE is intended to simplify the installation of C5ISR systems in Army vehicles.


Making Ethernet Deterministic: Time-sensitive Networking for Digital Backbones

TSN is a set of standards and capabilities that enable hard real-time use cases over standard Ethernet networks.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Energy Storage for Military Applications Faces Demands for More Power

Mobile electronics for the battlefield go hand-in-hand with batteries, and have done so for years. It’s not news that electronics that can’t be plugged-in relies on the energy-storage medium of batteries.


Strength in Numbers

CESMO and the Power of EW Interoperability - knowing the precise location of threats and friendly forces is essential to increasing warfighter survivability.

Military Embedded Systems

Migrating Legacy Software from Obsolete Hardware to Modern System Environments

Virtualization software and model-based design provide a path that not only enables system designers to maintain legacy software for avionics and other mission-critical systems.

Military Embedded Systems

Secure Wireless Communication Supports Mounted and Dismounted Connectivity

Secure wireless communications (SWC) technology for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-end user device (V2E) communication is useful for tactical environments as it improves network flexibility and operational maneuverability while reducing management complexity and cost.