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DoD’s MOSA Mandate Drives CMOSS Approach to A-PNT

DoD’s MOSA Mandate Drives CMOSS Approach to A-PNT

The U.S. Army’s Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS) program was initiated to replace existing GPS receivers and antennas in most of the Army’s ground vehicle variants.

Secure Mesh Wireless Networks Drive Command Post Mobility

Secure Mesh Wireless Networks Drive Command Post Mobility

For years, the goal of our armed forces has been mobility at the command post, with Army leaders setting the standard to be able to move hourly, with the command post’s network ready, powered up and receiving in five minutes.

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Thermal-Management Techniques Take-on the Heat

It's nearly impossible to use power efficiently enough to eliminate waste heat altogether. Enhancing efficiency can help reduce waste heat -- but only to a degree.

Military Embedded Systems

Multi-INT and SOSA: A Consideration of Next Steps

One of the key tenets of Multi-INT or multi-modality is that the architecture by its very nature is realizable through the core components of a sensing system which can accommodate more than one mission at the same time.

Military Embedded Systems

Reducing SWaP in the Field with a USB-based Hardware Security Module

Digital keys are a core concept in establishing secure networks, one as relevant in a data center application as it is at the edge of the tactical battlefield.

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Next-Gen Cockpit Voice Recorders Boost Time, Data Capabilities

A new generation of cockpit voice recorders is emerging on the market, thanks to advances in digital technology in combination with regulatory mandates.


EW and the DoD’s MOSA Mandate

Electronic Warfare (EW) system designers must constantly respond to new threats and come up with appropriate ways to respond.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

SOSA and Open Standards for Military Embedded Computing

Embedded computing systems in forward-deployed vehicles that meet SOSA certification will enable easier replacement of components and even upgrades thanks to vendor-agnostic requirements.