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The CON/KAD/003/CP is a 19-way double-density connector for use with the KAM/TCG/102 and KAM/TCG/103. The part is supplied as a connector shell (with integral insulator), and a bag of 19 crimp pins, which may be inserted into the connector shell. The crimp pins accommodate cable size 22 - 26 AWG. The connector is electroless nickel-plated. The mating screws are stainless steel and are held in place on the connector shell by stainless steel retaining clips.


  • Mating connector for KAM/TCG/102 and KAM/TCG/103
  • Includes connector shell, crimp pins, and mating screws


  • Connecting to KAM/TCG/102 and KAM/TCG/103
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Download Data Sheet