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The CON/KAD/010 is a double-density (DD) connector for use with KAD/TDC/107 and KAD/TDC/102 modules. The part is supplied as a connector shell (with integral insulator), and a bag of (40 x size 22 AWG) crimp pins that may be inserted into the connector shell. It is part of the ACD/CJB/002 kit which is delivered with KAD/TDC/107 modules and the ACD/CJB/003 kit which is delivered with KAD/TDC/102 modules. The CON/KAD/010 is also part of the ACD/CJB/004 kit, which is an alternative kit for the KAD/TDC/102. The CON/KAD/010 has three built-in PT100 temperature sensors for accurate measurement of thermocouple cold junction temperature, as close as possible to real junction. The sensors used are 1/3 of class B, DIN/IEC 60751 specification (±0.1 ± 0.00166×t) [°C]. In a typical operational range of -40 to +85°C these sensors are more accurate than ±0.24°C, with typical accuracy being around 0.1°C.


  • Nickel-plated connector shell
  • Three built-in PT100 sensors (typical accuracy of ±0.1°C)
  • Includes crimp pins and mating screws


  • Cold junction reference for KAD/TDC/107 and KAD/TDC/102 modules
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Download Data Sheet