Backplane Controller Modules

flight test and monitoring family header
flight test and monitoring family header
Backplane Controller Modules

High-performance, field-proven backplane controllers for flight test & avionics

Our KAM-500 controller modules synchronize module operation and transfer data from one module to another. The controllers also contain the programming interface and are polarized to prevent them being plugged into a user-slot. There are a variety of different controller modules to suit a user’s flight test instrumentation and other avionics applications requirements, including Ethernet, PCM and MIL-STD-1553.

Backplane Controller Modules

Product Image Product Name Protocol Channels Max bit rate Data Sheet
KAD/BCU/101 IRIG-106 Backplane Controller and Encoder ARINC-573, ARINC-717, IRIG-106 4 20Mbps
KAD/BCU/105 Ethernet Backplane Controller Ethernet 100BT, IENA, PTPV1/V2 client 1 100Mbps
KAD/BCU/140 Ethernet Backplane Controller Ethernet 100BT, IENA, INET-X, PTPV1 GM, PTPV1/V2 client 2 100Mbps

Curtiss-Wright Acra KAM-500 Brochure

Curtiss-Wright is the largest rugged aerospace data acquisition provider in the world, with decades of experience as a trusted, proven leader in aviation technology. The Acra KAM-500 data acquisition system (DAS) is one of our most widely installed aerospace lines with over 14,000 systems shipped worldwide to date.

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