Software Defined Radio Demo Walk Through AUSA 2022

Software Defined Radio Demo Walk Through AUSA 2022

The VPX3-E320 3U VPX ruggedized, user-programmable software-defined radio card is ideal for low-to-medium bandwidth RF applications and aligned to The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) and U.S. Army’s C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) Technical Standards.


Hi, I'm Hayden, engineer from NI and welcome to the Curtiss-Wright Booth here at AUSA 2022. We're here in their demonstration Humvee where we got a lot of hardware here in the back but one of the things I want to show you is from Ettus Research - we have this USRP E320. 

Now we partnered with Curtiss-Wright in order to take this radio which is a very popular radio for prototyping commercial radio and they have ported it to a CMOSS and SOSA-aligned 3U VPX card. Now we actually have one of these cards running here in this LCR-embedded chassis. 

If you take a look here you can see the VPX3-E320 which is a direct port of the Ettus Research USRP E320 with the same APIs and so you can migrate from a commercial radio to 3U VPX in minutes and you can see here we have the RF connection here connected up to an antenna up on the roof of the Humvee here where we're doing some signal analysis and measuring some signals. 

So let's take a look at the operator interface we have of this over in the front. So as an operator you may be on mission using one of these radios to analyze the spectrum to understand what signals are being transmitted so you can see here, if I get in here I can turn, you know, using the radio that's in the back in the chassis we actually have the operator interface ported to one of these displays. 

You know all this is Curtiss-Wright Hardware plumbing through this Humvee but you can see here I've turned on a ham radio - I can go "K5 golf November uniform" and if we take a look you can see here on the operator interface that we have a pretty strong signal which is me talking on this ham radio and we're able to take that data, record it, save it off, demodulate it and analyze it, you know, for a signals intelligence application. 

You could use this radio also for multi-function electronic warfare where you're doing transmit and receive and a number of other applications that are very important to the United States Army today. So to learn more about the VPX3-E320 or a lot of other Curtiss-Wright rugged embedded hardware for deployed missions go to Appreciate it.