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PacStar Up in Ranking on the CRN Fast Growth 150 List

PacStar Up in Ranking on the CRN Fast Growth 150 List

CRN recognizes the top IT channel providers for exceptional growth and performance.

Trusted Computing Aerospace

White Paper Series: Trusted Computing for Aerospace and Defense

We examine the technologies and trends protecting today’s critical systems from cybersecurity and physical threats.

System Integration COTS Defense

Selecting the Right System Integration Partner

When system integrators partner with the right solution vendor, they gain access to the capabilities, skills, and knowledge that comes from decades of experience.

Military Embedded Systems

Leveraging Secure Commercial Routing Technology to Protect Data-in-Motion

Protecting a military platform’s secret data-in-motion as it’s routed over an Ethernet-based IP network has become significantly easier, more affordable, and faster to deploy in recent years, thanks to U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) support of commercial encryption technologies.

Microwaves & RF

Transitioning to C-Band for Flight-Test Telemetry

The U.S. Government’s auction of flight-test telemetry bands has resulted in crowded frequencies in the remaining spectrum. But the transition to the C-band has been slow. Here’s how tri-band transmitters can help in adopting the new requirements.

TCG HUNTR TDL Hub and Network Translator

Curtiss-Wright Successfully Demonstrates TCG-HUNTR Tactical Data Link (TDL) Hub and Network Translator During Timber Express 2020

German Air Force’s Fourth Annual TDL Exercise provides an opportunity to highlight the capabilities of TCG-HUNTR intelligent TDL translation gateway.

Flash memory NOR and NAND

NAND vs NOR Flash: Types of Flash Memory

There are two primary types of non-volatile flash memory devices in use today: NOR and NAND flash. We look at the differences between NAND and NOR flash devices.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

New Frontiers in Real-Time Software

Efficient execution is key to real-time mission-critical operating systems software, yet new demands are emerging such as safety-critical operations for avionics and other life-critical applications.

Aerospace Testing International

Innovation in Flight Test Instrumentation and Data Networks

The tools used to acquire, store and transmit flight test data – flight test instrumentation (FTI), data acquisition networks and telemetry – are a vital part of the aerospace sector. These tools require a high level of maturity because they must be reliable and accurate.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace Article eBook

This collection of articles, originally published by Military & Aerospace Electronics, covers a variety of Trusted Computing topics such as trusted boot, cyber security, quantum computing, cryptography and more, with a specific focus on the defense and aerospace industries.

PacStar Awarded Contract to Support U.S. Army Expeditionary Signal Battalion – Enhanced (ESB-E) Program

PacStar Awarded Contract to Support U.S. Army Expeditionary Signal Battalion – Enhanced (ESB-E) Program

Under the contract, PacStar will deliver its PacStar 400-Series modular platform to enhance agility and reliable tactical communications for the expeditionary-style warfare units increasingly relied upon by DoD organizations.

Tech Briefs Media Group

Enhancing Aircraft System Monitoring and Reducing Unscheduled Maintenance

It can be laborious and time-consuming to troubleshoot and repair systems on aircraft. Without granular data, it can be difficult for maintenance personnel to identify what part of a system is faulty and it can take a long time to remove, test, and reinstall parts of a system until the culprit is found.