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Curtiss-Wright Has Joined the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium

October 11, 2012 | BY: John Wranovics

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Ashburn, VA - October 11, 2012 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS), a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls, is an active member of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium, a managed consortium of The Open Group. The FACE Consortium is an aviation-focused professional group made up of U.S. industry suppliers, customers and users. The Consortium is creating a technologically appropriate open FACE reference architecture, standards and business model. FACE aims to standardize approaches to bring open standards solutions to avionics systems. These avionics systems will result in lower implementation costs for the U.S. government and other adopters of the standard.

"We are very excited to be an active member of the FACE Consortium, and we will continue to participate in its efforts to advance modular and interoperable open architecture avionics to bring the most advanced and cost-effective COTS solutions to the warfighter,"said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions.

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions is an active Associate member of the FACE Consortium. Curtiss-Wright offers a broad range of Candidate FACE Hardware including rugged embedded open standards based modules and systems designed to be in compliance with future FACE profile specifications. Curtiss-Wright provides modules and systems which host Candidate FACE Software applications and operating systems to develop, integrate and test future FACE compliant avionics.

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About The Open Group

The Open Group is an international vendor- and technology-neutral consortium that enables the development of IT standards and certifications. The consortium addresses current and emerging requirements to establish policies and develop best practices. The Open Group provides guidance and an open environment in order to ensure interoperability, develops consensus and evolves specifications while maintaining vendor neutrality.

About Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) is a long established technology leader in the development of rugged electronic modules and systems for defense applications. CWCDS serves as a technology and integration partner to its customers, providing a full range of advanced, highly engineered solutions from modular open systems approaches to fully custom optimized solutions. Our unmatched capabilities and product breadth span from industry standard based COTS modules to complete electronic subsystems. The company's modules and systems are currently deployed in a wide range of demanding defense & aerospace applications including C4ISR systems, unmanned subsystems, mission computing, fire control, turret stabilization, and recording & storage solutions. Additionally, the company's broad engineering capabilities combine systems, software, electrical, and mechanical design expertise with comprehensive program management and a broad range of life-cycle support services.

About Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Curtiss-Wright Controls is the Motion Control segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. With manufacturing facilities around the world, Curtiss-Wright Controls is a leading technology-based organization providing niche motion control products, subsystems and services internationally for the aerospace and defense markets. 

Author’s Biography

John Wranovics

Director of Public Relations

John Wranovics has over thirty years experience in the management of media relations and the promotion of high technology products. He has been with Curtiss-Wright since 2003. He has a degree in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.

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