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The KAD/ARI/103 is an ARINC-717 bus monitor that supports parsing of an ARINC-717 (DFDR) bus on a major frame level, with built-in error detection on a single module. ARINC-717 is backwards compatible with ARINC-573, therefore ARINC-573 is also supported.

In the discussion below, traffic refers to words on the bus and tag refers to associated information such as info words. The parser triple buffers up to 4096 12-bit words (4 sub-frames) and their associated tags as a frame. The status word that is buffered with each major frame indicates whether the frame has been read before (stale) or whether the message was overwritten before it was read (skipped), or whether the message has never been received (empty).

A valid frame is detected when all four sub-frame sync words are received, each followed by 63, 127, 255, 511, or 1023 data words.


  • Monitors one ARINC-717 or ARINC-573 bus
  • Coherently parses traffic and tags for up to 4096 12-bit words
  • 64k deep selective FIFO for traffic and tags (snarfer)
  • Detects sync and bits error
  • Frame counter


  • Monitoring of ARINC-717 DFDR bus
  • Monitoring of ARINC-573 DFDR bus
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