Data Acquisition System Training & Services

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Data Acquisition System Training & Services

Curtiss-Wright offers a variety of training courses that help develop the skills needed to configure Curtiss-Wright's flight test products. We strongly recommend training for those who are not familiar with our equipment. Training can be arranged for individuals and groups and can be offered at Curtiss-Wright’s facilities or on-site.


Advanced training on Acra KAM-500 airborne data acquisition system

  • In-depth training for experienced users of a KAM-500 system
  • Practical training with KAM-500 hardware including live data acquisition and display
  • KSM-500 software tuition on configuring KAM-500 to satisfy user requirements
  • Training delivered by a qualified Curtiss-Wright customer support engineer
  • Training on location can be arranged

Standard training for IADS RT Station (formally GS Works)  real-time and post-processing data analysis

  • IADS RT Station software theory of operation
  • Software tuition on configuring IADS RT Station to satisfy user requirements
  • Practical training with IADS RT Station using live data
  • Training delivered by an experienced Curtiss-Wright customer support engineer
  • Training at customer location can be arranged
  • Three-day training course

Acceptance Test

Order-specific, standard Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) and report

  • Standard ATP for each standard unit with report generated according to the customer order
  • Verifies function, performance, and reliability of the system ordered
  • Provides confidence in the delivered system
  • Customers may witness the ATP if pre-arranged

Flight Test Program Management

Curtiss-Wright has a rigorous project management methodology called ‘Project Path’ in place to ensure every project is delivered on time and within budget. The Project Path system is a milestone-driven methodology that is proven in aerospace applications. It features an embedded quality process to ensure that projects are managed successfully at every stage. More information can be found on the flight test program management page.

Project Management

A Curtiss-Wright project manager conducts project and quality planning at the start of all contracts to define a Project Plan that identifies all resources required together with the timescale the project is committed to achieving. Key activities include Requirements Management; Project Planning and Resource Management; Project monitoring; Quality Management, and Configuration Management.

In larger projects with project-specific quality requirements, a Quality Plan is produced. The Quality Plan is made available to all project team members to describe the lifecycle and quality processes that they are expected to follow for the project.

Our comprehensive Quality Manual and robust processes permit Curtiss-Wright to engage in a spectrum of contracts, ranging from the supply of defined and qualified products to the design and manufacture of configured derivatives and new, custom products.

Our project capabilities continue after delivery: We habitually provide solutions for Tasking Studies and Enhancements; Reliability and Maintainability Studies; Spares Provisioning and Extended Warranty, Obsolescence Management and Lifetime Support; System and Equipment Integration Trials as well as Equipment Survey and Repair.

Flight Test Program Management

Flight Test Program management is typically proposed when a complex system is being ordered, or if an order contains items for which significant development effort is required. Other situations requiring Flight Test Program Management include when a contract demands above normal qualification testing, when specific deliverable documentation is required, or if the customer requires regular status reports.