Webinar - Delivering True Unified Command and Control to the Tactical Edge


Webinar - Delivering True Unified Command and Control to the Tactical Edge

October 26, 2023

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The ability to communicate is a foundational component of Command and Control, from the strategic to the tactical level. Though the primary means of communication may differ by echelon, the biggest challenge remains the same: interoperability.

Critical information needs to travel from the highest levels of government to the Combatant Commands, the Brigade to the Team, and everywhere in between. To do so, a communications solution must be flexible, scalable, and able to converge disparate devices/communication platforms together in real-time, especially in austere or DDIL environments.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the solution to these interoperability challenges: REDCOM Sigma, a standards-based C2 software platform that eases the burden of integrating with legacy, existing, and future infrastructure. Sigma provides a full suite of features, including VoIP, video, chat, RoIP, conferencing, transcoding, and PTT console capabilities in a single, lightweight software solution. Bridging the gap between upper and lower echelons; Sigma supports multiple deployment options, and we’ll discuss selecting the correct hardware for land, sea, and air missions with examples from Curtiss-Wright’s modular and rugged, tactical communications systems.

There are no guarantees in a combat environment where the enemy gets a say, but this level of interoperability and adaptability will give warfighters the best chance of maintaining critical C2 communications across joint and coalition forces in a contested environment.

PacStar Communications Solutions

Combining modular networking equipment and our PacStar® IQ-Core® Software for unified network communications management, our tactical communications solutions enable enhanced warfighter situational awareness. Our solutions for battlefield network management include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based rugged, small form factor communications systems, and PacStar Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solutions.

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