KAD/UBM/101 8-Channel Serial Bus Packetizer

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The KAD/UBM/101 is an eight-channel serial bus packetizer. It can capture eight independent serial streams. All data appearing on the bus is packetized and character-aligned.

The KAD/UBM/101 captures and packetizes data until a packet of a pre-defined size is full, or a pre-defined timeout is exceeded.

The KAD/UBM/101 uses a bit-aligned packet format. Characters are packed into the packet without padding. The first bit of the character, as received from RS-422/RS-485, is the first bit of the bit-aligned packet. Characters can be packed into the packet with or without parity. Baud rate, parity, and character size can be set per channel.


  • Bit-rates from 300 bps to 1,000,000 bps
  • Seven or eight bits per character with odd/even/none parity
  • One or more stop bits
  • Time tags first bit of packet to one μs
  • Handles aperiodic transmission


  • Interfacing with serial data links
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KAD/UBM/101 8-Channel Serial Bus Packetizer

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