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The AXN/ICP/402 performs a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on its 4 ICP channels. Both the original sampled data and the results of the FFT analysis are available as output parameters. You can elect to run each channel in one of two modes - Peaks Detect mode, where up to 32 of the top peaks are returned as frequency/RMS voltage pairs (ordered by RMS voltage) or User Defined Frequencies mode, where the RMS voltage of up to 8 user-programmable fixed frequencies are returned.

At the heart of the AXN/ICP/402 is a hard-wired state-machine that oversamples all channels and digitally filters any noise above the user-programmable cut-off frequency. Note that the FFT is performed on the filtered data.

The filtering is achieved using cascaded, 15-tap FIR filters with output rate decimation, followed by a final FIR or IIR filter. If IIR filtering mode is selected, the last digital filter in the filtering chain is an 8th or 16th order (selectable) Butterworth filter. If FIR mode is selected, the last digital filter in the filtering chain is a 49-tap Kaiser window, Beta 6 filter.

There are three independently configurable output streams per channel. Stream 0 is used for the FFT calculation.

All signals are sampled simultaneously. Thus, when several channels are sampled at different sampling rates, at the start of an acquisition cycle, all channels are aligned.

The AXN/ICP/402 is capable of polling TEDS enabled sensors and returning the stored data.


  • Live FFT analysis performed on each channel with the choice of viewing up to 32 of the largest peaks in the spectrum or the RMS voltage at 8 user selectable frequencies of interest
  • Four single-ended, AC-coupled channels
  • Shared signal wire constant current excitation (3.6 mA nom.) suitable for ICP sensors
  • High AC accuracy (0.18% FSR typical)
  • Short on any channel does not affect others
  • 16-bit simultaneous sampling with three configurable output streams on each channel
  • TEDS discovery in DAS Studio 3


  • Advanced frequency content analysis for ICP©, Isotron© and Deltatron© sensors
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