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The MBIT-100 provides limit comparison and absolute value testing of up to 64 PCM parameters. It also provides 10 output bits for transmitter setup. Testing includes two’s complement data. The failure of any parameter can be monitored at any or all of the 8 programmable Flag outputs. Flags 1-4 are also driven out using Opto-Isolators. Each parameter result is uniquely identified in a 64- bit error register. This error register is translated into Error Status Words that can be inserted into the PCM. At 16 BPW, the results of all 64 parameters can be read in 4 reads (4x16 = 64 parameters). Extended Reads are provided when operating at less than 16 BPW.


  • Provides 10 programmable Frequency Select output bits for Transmitter setup
  • Transmitter Frequency Select bits are driven by Opto-Couplers
  • Select up to 64 PCM Parameters for test
  • PCM parameters can physically be located anywhere within the distributed system
  • 8 Flag outputs for visually viewing errors are driven with RS422 differential drivers
  • 4 of the 8 flags (Flag 1-4) also driven by Opto-Couplers
  • Any parameter error condition can be viewed at any or all of the 8 Flag outputs (programmable)
  • Flag duration is programmable
  • Test results of all 64 parameters can be inserted into the PCM
  • Used in a master MEDAU/MCDAU-20XX


  • Data Acquisition and monitoring
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Built-in Test
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