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NAVAIR Updates Radar Console with Proven, Low Risk and Cost Solution

April 25, 2019

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A radar indicator (or repeater) is a remotely located device that displays radar information. Its purpose is to analyze radar system echo return video and to display it at various remote locations. The AN/SPA-25 is a range-azimuth radar indicator that was originally developed in the 1970s and quickly adopted by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) on naval surface ships to display radar information of up to seven radar systems, depending on the installation.

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Today, most radar signals are converted from an analog stream to digital, then distributed to various digital consoles to support the mission. As the last decade has seen a shift from analog radar systems to digital, many of the existing analog systems have run into part obsolescence issues. This was the case when NAVAIR got in contact with us regarding a number of SPA-25s they operate in their headquarters in Maryland.

Issues with non-operational consoles, obsolescence, and the inability to continue to repair non-functioning consoles, prompted them to reach out to us. They sought a long-term solution that would allow for replacement of the non-functioning consoles which were in various lab locations.

Having received the solution within 6 months of placing the order and by choosing a proven, fielded solution from Curtiss-Wright, the Navy ensured their risk would be minimal.

Read the case study 'NAVAIR Updates Radar Console with Proven, Low Risk and Cost Solution' to learn more about the challenges that were faced and how the fielded, proven, low-risk and low-cost solution was acheived.

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