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From tactical network management, tactical data link processing, aiming & stabilization to flight test - we have solutions to meet your program requirements. Our software tools and solutions are developed from the ground for mission critical aerospace and defense applications and are fully supported throughout program lifecycles.

PacStar IQ-Core Software
Unified Network Communications Management.
TCG LinkPRO TDL Software
Optimize TDL processing, integration, and communication.
Flight Test Software
Setup and management software configures data acquisition, network, recording, RF, imaging, and ground station products.
PGS Replay and Analysis Software
Enables rapid and clear interpretation of flight data and limits exceeded.
Aiming & Stabilization Software
Enables commissioning, error handling, parameter handling, analysis, and maintenance operation.
Graphics Software Suite
GPU accelerated video encode and decode codecs, and OpenCL.
IQ-Core Software, Tactical communications management

PacStar IQ-Core Software Overview

The PacStar IQ-Core Software provides an intuitive user interface that makes communications setup and operation quick and easy to learn.


A Unified Approach to Post-Flight Test Analysis

Using a system like Post Test Explorer in new flight test projects could reduce the time, money, and manpower required.

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A Single TDL Training and Battlefield Operations Solution

Tactical data link (TDL) communication brings critical visibility to the battlefield by providing warfighters easily accessible, sharable, and precise location and identification information of everyone in the combat zone which enables them to make better tactical decisions. 

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