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The ACD/CJB/003 is designed to be used with the KAD/TDC/102 and is used to terminate up to 15 thermocouples at a measured temperature. The block comprises a double-density connector, CON/KAD/010, and a straight-through backshell, ACD/BAC/002/B. An ACD/CJB/003 is delivered with every KAD/TDC/102, unless the alternative angled backshell, ACD/CJB/004, is specified in the order. The CON/KAD/010 includes three PT100 sensors which are used by the KAD/TDC/102 for reference junction compensation.


  • Supports 15 thermocouples
  • Three built-in PT100 sensors (typical accuracy of ±0.1°C)


  • Use to connect thermocouples to KAD/TDC/102 modules
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