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The KAD/ADC/116 is used to condition and digitize up to 12 accelerometer-type input channels. Each of these channels has a constant current source and AC coupled (DC-reject) inputs for use with integrated charge-amp piezoelectric accelerometer devices.

At the heart of the KAD/ADC/116 is a hard-wired state machine that over-samples all channels at a rate between 48 ksps and 96 ksps and digitally filters any noise above the user-programmable cutoff frequency. This is achieved using cascaded, half-band, Finite-Impulse-Response (FIR) filters followed by an 8th order Butterworth IIR filter with a default cutoff point set at one-quarter of the sampling frequency (fc = fs/4).

All signals are sampled simultaneously. This means that even when several channels are sampled at different sampling rates, the sample at the start of the acquisition will always be synchronized.


  • 12 accelerometer input channels with DC-reject
  • Ordering Input range (1V, 10V)
  • Accuracy 0.4% FSR max. at 10Hz
  • Constant current source excitation on each channel (3.6mA typical)
  • Short on any channel does not affect others
  • 16-bit simultaneous sampling on each channel
  • Up to 12 k samples per second per channel
  • Up to 3 kHz Bandwidth (AAAF filter)


  • Accelerometer signal conditioning and digitalization
  • Suitable for ICP, Isotron, Piezotron, and Deltatron sensors
  • AC coupled voltage measurement
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