KAD/UAT/101 4 Channel Asynchronous Transmitter

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The KAD/UAT/101 is a universal asynchronous transmitter supporting up to four RS-232 channels and four RS-422 channels. Each of the eight channels is configured independently for the bit rate, the number of bits per word, the parity generation, and the number of stop bits. 

Each channel supports messages with a maximum length of 8,184 characters. Messages are programmed in the MsgBuffer of the EEPROM before transmission is enabled. Transmission of messages is enabled when the module enters acquisition mode. Messages are transmitted periodically. A message can be sent synchronous to the acquisition cycle, that is, at the start of the cycle a message is transmitted. Messages can also be sent asynchronous to the acquisition cycle, in that the cycle rate of the message can be programmed with a minimum period of 1 ms up to a maximum period of 65.536 seconds (1 ms × 216).


  • Four independent single-ended RS-232 output channels
  • Four independent differential-ended RS-422 output channels
  • Bit-rates from 600 bps to 1,000,000 bps
  • Seven/eight bits per character with odd/even or no parity
  • Programmable one or two stop bits
  • Maximum message length of 8,184 characters
  • Messages are periodically transmitted either synchronously or asynchronously to the acquisition cycle


  • Periodically transmit messages to modules
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KAD/UAT/101 4 Channel Asynchronous Transmitter

Download Data Sheet