Axon Quick Start Kit

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Axon is the most modern and capable data acquisition system available today. The Axon quick-start kit provides a basis for users to become rapidly familiar with the Axon DAU and the Axonite remote DAU. Using it, you will discover the advantages and new features offered by Axon as a complementary system to existing Curtiss-Wright data acquisition systems, or as a standalone unit.

This quick start kit consists of fully qualified, released hardware and software and may be expanded upon as future Axon user modules become available. In the kit you will find:

  • Axon chassis (AXN/CHS/09U): The AXN/CHS/09U is a 9 user slot Axon Chassis that includes an isolated 100W power supply
  • Axon Backplane Controller (AXN/BCU/401): The AXN/BCU/401 is a dual-port full-duplex, Gigabit Ethernet, Axon backplane controller, programmer and transmitter
  • Axon Flexible Analog Module (AXN/ADC/401): The AXN/ADC/401 is used to condition and digitize up to eight configurable analog channels
  • Axon ARINC 429 (AXN/ABM/401): A 24 channel ARINC-429 bus monitor/packetizer module
  • Axonite (AXN/ITE/01U): The Axonite houses one Axon user module allowing a user module to be housed remotely from the Axon chassis
  • Axonite Extender Card (AXN/EXT/401): An extender card, which allows a module contained in an Axonite (AXN/ITE/01U) remote housing to connect to an Axon chassis
  • Laptop: A laptop with a copy of Das Studio (SWP/DAS/003) and TTCWare
  • Cables and Connectors: All required cables and connectors
  • Axon User Guide: A user guide with information on the use of Axon modules


  • The Axon quick-start kit provides everything you need to become familiar with the system
  • Includes a chassis, modules, axonite remote chassis, cables, software, and a user guide
  • Simple and quick to set up and use
  • Can be used beyond lab tests as part of full flight test instrumentation systems
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Axon Quick Start Kit

Download Data Sheet