Ground Stations

Ground Stations
Ground Stations
Ground Stations

Optimize data acquisition & analysis for the most stringent test range mission

Our range of ground station hardware and software help optimize data acquisition and analysis for flight test applications. Curtiss-Wright telemetry ground station solutions are tailored to work with our aerospace instrumentation products to offer an end-to-end solution from sensor to processed data. Our advanced real-time, post-processing analysis and post-test reporting software completes the solution with a host of time-saving features. If you're looking for a custom ground station solution, contact us to explore options. 

Ground Stations

Product Image Product Name Product type Data Sheet
TTC RMSR-2002-PS Data playback
TTC RCVR-210-S Receiver/Demodulator
TTC DBS-140U Bit Sync/Decom/Simulator
GS Works (Now IADS RT Station) Software
GTS/BAY/001 Cable
SAM/DEC/008 Decommutator
TTC DVC-401M-SA Decoder
TTC MARM-2000 and RMOR-2000D Multiplexor / Demultiplexor
DVC-201M-SA Decoder
DTU-2000-1 Data Transfer Unit
DTU-2008R Data Transfer Unit
DTU-7004-1 Rackmount Download Unit
USB2RCVR-105 USB to PCMCIA Interface
RMDS-500S Multimode (SOQPSK) Telemetry Demodulator
RMDS-300S Demodulator

Organization Successfully Deploys Total FTI System Solution

An aircraft OEM needed a flight test solution for one of its new jets. As in most flight test programs, time was in short supply. Therefore, the aircraft OEM was keen to find ways to maximize the efficiency of the aircraft flight time. Read the case study to learn more about their challenges and how they successfully overcame them.